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Storage Tips


Tips for self-storage

To pill up all your boxes as easy as possible, take boxes that are the same size and also strong enough that they can contain all your items. Fill up the boxes to maximize their capacity but without overloading them. Partially full or too convex boxes can rock or break down.

  • List the contents of your boxes on cards. Label your boxes in accordance to your cards.

  • Pack up the heavy things, such as books and tools, in small boxes in order to be able to transport them.

  • Position the bulky and heavy boxes at the bottom of storage unit and pile up the boxes that are lighter on top.

  • Each porcelain object or crockery must be packed separately. Stuff the top and bottom of these boxes with thick packing and pile them up on top of the other boxes. Label those boxes as “Fragile”.

  • Wrap up carefully all other fragile objects, such as mirrors and paintings with thick packing. Also label them “fragile” and place them also on top of the less fragile boxes.

  • Books and documents must be packed up vertically to protect the bindings.

  • Drawers of furniture can be used to store curios, fine porcelain or other small articles.

  • Long tools with handle such as brushes, rakes, pickaxes etc. must be tied up altogether and should be stored in dustbins.

  • In order to gain space, beds and tables must be dismounted. If a table cannot be dismounted, place it face on the ground and arranges boxes above it. Protect the feet by wrapping them. Cover all your wood furniture.

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